Hello again

Why, hello there, dear reader. It’s been a very long time.

I’ve been meaning to write. I really have. I have several little drafts of blog posts that I began in December and January and just couldn’t find the time to finish. I never wrote about the time I drank this adorable Christmas coffee in Cork with my friends Kim and Selin and Kaedyn


and enjoyed the beautiful Blarney Gardens (yes, like the ones around Blarney Castle, where the Blarney Stone is)



and ate my first proper Irish Breakfast at the Cork English Market,IMG_20151205_103058817_HDR

and when Kaedyn was stylish by this chandelier


and Kim wore this extremely creepy Santa hat, while a slightly concerned-looking mannequin kept watch.


I also never wrote about the time I went to Phoenix Park in Dublin, Europe’s largest urban park, and it was almost sunny.


Or the time two whole pigs were roasted outside my residence hall


and Kim rode a giant mechanical Christmas pudding (but that’s another story).

I never wrote about the time my flatmates and I celebrated the end of exams with Guinness and noisy card games.IMG_20151214_201434243.jpg

Likewise, I did not write about my beautiful visit to the seaside town of Rush, the hometown of my friend Lynn.


I did not write how I climbed a graffitied Viking watchtowerIMG_20151217_111649557

or how we made a very large and thin cornbread.IMG_20151217_133904884_HDR

I didn’t even record my last day in Ireland, which started with this view of Dublin 2:IMG_20151219_100233700_HDR

At which sight Kim and I, appropriately dressed in Christmas jumpers, made these faces:


and which day contained a lot of shopping, drinking tea in a tattoo parlor, and being kind of sad.

But I guess I probably will never write about those things. Nor about exams, which were a crazy affair, or going bowling with Student Life, or the wonderful play I saw with my friend Aoife and her parents, or the absurd amount of deep-fried brie Kim and I ate in the Brazen Head (Dublin’s oldest pub) on our last night in Ireland.

It is far too late to write about all these things. I am having fun thinking about them though. So okay. Here’s the deal. I’ll think about how much fun I had and how much I still miss the lovely people I got to meet in Dublin, and you can think about how much I’m enjoying thinking about all that. It’ll be much less commitment for both of us than reading and writing a blog post.

So fun.

So easy.

Thinking is great.

So I guess this blog post is mostly to say, sorry I am bad at blogging (that was a draft title) and thank y’all for reading. It is also to say that I’ve decided I will probably go places other than Ireland and want to write about them (or write about how much fun I’m having thinking about them), so I have made a new blog called Natalie Goes Places, which you can find at NatGoesPlaces.Wordpress.com. Notice the similarities in title and URL to this blog. Nonetheless, it is still a different blog, with a subtly different URL. It will probably tell you about more places I go, if you care. Maybe it will even have more pictures of cows. It could be anything at this point.

Thanks for reading, friends. I appreciate you and your support. I’ve been so blessed by the people and experiences and food and beauty and love in this world, and I hope to share more with you in the future.

Natalie out.


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